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Color Wheel (Get It?)

Color Wheel (Get It?)

"Discover" might be the wrong word, but the ability for humans to perceive a new color is likely possible through genetic modification. Most people are trichromatic, meaning their eyes perceive three basic frequencies and make up “all” the other colors as combinations of these three (as mentioned by Joshua Engel above). But many animals are tetrachromatic. They have four color receptors and can therefor see a whole range of colors we can’t even imagine. If a geneticist were to add a fourth receptor to our eyes, it is likely we could then see “new” colors. (The whole process is much more complicated than this because there’s a second level of color processing that goes on in the brain and we have no idea how these new receptors will “link up”, but it’s possible in theory.) 

Interestingly, it seems that many women are tetrachromatic in the eye, meaning they can perceive four distinct frequencies of light, but the additional frequency they perceive isn’t far enough away from the “regular” frequencies for their brains to make much use of it.

Women are awesome. This might also explain why pretty much everyone I ever knew who saw ghosts were women… I’ll give MythBusters a call

Psychology of Color
Green – Health, tranquillity, money, nature.Purple – Royalty, wealth, success, wisdom.Pink – Calming, love, romance.White – Purity, innocence, empty, spacious.Black – Evil, death, mourning, slimming.Brown – Reliability, boredom, practicality, earth.Orange – Excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, caution.

Psychology of Color

Green – Health, tranquillity, money, nature.
Purple – Royalty, wealth, success, wisdom.
Pink – Calming, love, romance.
White – Purity, innocence, empty, spacious.
Black – Evil, death, mourning, slimming.
Brown – Reliability, boredom, practicality, earth.
Orange – Excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, caution.